Compression Hip Bandage TS-E05
  • Normal view:


    • classes of compression : class 2

    • anatomical shape of the product
    • compression is distributed along the length of the product
    • high elasticity for the maximum comfort
    • special soft materials for the comfortable use


    • injury prevention during sports and physical activities
    • later stages of rehabilitation after injuries

    How to choose the size of the product. Instruction:

    Instruction for use:

    • wear medical stockings in the morning, straight after getting up. At this time your feet are not swollen and superficial veins are slightly filled with blood.
    • At any other time hold your foot in the raised position for 7-10 minutes and then wear the medical stockings.
    • make sure that you have removed all rings, watches and bracelets and there are no burrs, in order to prevent rips, puffs and other damages.
    • you should also take care of your feet: prevent the formation of cracks and corns, neatly cut nails.
    • before wearing the medical stockings, make sure that your hands and feet are dry
    • the compression stockings must be imposed, rather than pulled on
    • don't twist the stockings and don't pull the elastic band
    • be careful in using different ointments, creams and skin moisturizers, as their individual components may affect the fixing properties of elastic band
    • use creams and ointments in the evening, after the removal of the compression stockings
    • do not damage the stockings by an uncomfortable shoes, and also make sure that the inner surface of the shoe is in a good condition since its defects can lead to damage to the product
    Do not cut the ends of the threads or the label, it can damage the product

    Storage rules:

    • in places with a temperature of 10 ° to 25 ° C and a relative humidity of 75%
    • away from heat, dust and direct sunlight


    • 61% polyamide, 39% elastane


    Expiration Date - 42 months from date of manufacture. Warranty period of use while preserving compression properties for daily use and the recommendations set out in the instructions: 6 months from the date of sale.

    Recommendations for care

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