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Device for putting on compression hosiery ID-01


The metal device is designed to facilitate the process of putting on compression hosiery, as well as to prevent damage to the hosiery.

  • size: 34x25x19 cm
  • colour: white


Instructions for use:

  • Place the device ID-01 firmly on the floor. Place the arcuate part of the device ID-01 to you
  • Turn the compression product inside out, put it on the arcuate part of the ID-01 device, so that the heel part faces you, and the toe part is in the opposite direction from you
  • Put the product on the arcuate part, turning it inside out. The heel part should be directed to you. The product must be tightened on the butler until the heel part appears.
  • Press the device ID-01 to the floor with both hands and push your foot into the hole so that your foot touches the floor. Make sure that the heel area of ​​the product coincides with your heel. Holding the device ID-01, pull the product over the lower leg to the knee
  • Lift the device ID-01 up to the end of the product and carefully remove it.
  • For the product with an open toe, in addition, use the silk sock that comes with the product.

Product care

  • wipe the product with a damp cloth


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